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The Law Offices of Michael F. Fenton welcome you. We are a firm that specializes in addressing the kinds of legal problems that can arise in the course of family life. What we promise is expert advice, reflecting our staff’s years of experience in this complex field that will help you resolve your problem as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Personal, financial, or business relationships may have gone sour.  The chances of amicable resolution may appear slim. All of these are situations in which people commonly find themselves. But the stakes are high. The legal rights of you and your loved ones may be on the line, along with your happiness. It’s vitally important to “look before your leap.” We see our job as helping you assess the pros and cons in various courses of action, and then using all the available legal tools to work toward what we’ve mutually decided would be the most advantageous, most desirable and fairest outcome.

This emphatically does not mean that our law firm is eager to make you a party to a lawsuit, or to subject you to lengthy court proceedings. We strongly believe in the value and usefulness of mediation, arbitration and other means of dispute resolution that can spare people the time and expense of full-fledged trials.

In every circumstance, what we offer is well-informed judgment as to how your particular issues can most logically and expeditiously be handled – in ways that achieve results you will find satisfactory, in keeping with what the law allows. This could mean a phone call placed on your behalf to straighten out a simple misunderstanding. It could mean a case pursued to the highest reaches of the legal system. In no instance will we do more than necessary, at your expense. In every instance we will do all that’s necessary to gain the results you seek – making sure that you understand what is feasible within today’s legal system.

If you have come this far, there is an excellent chance that you would benefit from discussing the particulars of your situation with one of our attorneys. All it takes is to arrange a free consultation.  We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted and respected firms in the area.  We welcome the chance to assist you.

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