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York PA Landlord/Tenant Attorney

Landlord-tenant disputes are a common occurrence in the renting process in York PA, and many could be avoided if both parties were aware of their rights and responsibilities. Our attorneys have the experience to represent you in the follow areas, and more:

  • Rights and Duties of Tenants
  • Rights and Duties of Landlords
  • Illegal Housing Discrimination
  • Rights of a Mobile Home Owner Threatened With Eviction From a Mobile Home Park
  • Rent Increases
  • Reasonable Rules in Mobile Home Parks and Floating Home Facilities
  • Landlord Rules in Conventional Rental Housing
  • Eviction Notices
  • Evictions
  • Eviction Defenses
  • Getting Repairs Made
  • When Tenants Leave Belongings Behind
  • Tenant Privacy and Landlord Access
  • Habitability
  • Fees and Deposits

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