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What We Are Offering:

Here at the Law Offices of Michael F. Fenton, we are offering an opportunity for local individuals and families in York Pennsylvania communities to provide for their loved ones. Our attorneys are offering the preparation of certain vital documents for local York PA families.

Our attorneys are offering a free consultation for the development of a basic Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and for people with young children, a Trust Will. You will meet with our attorneys for a free consultation. At this consultation it will be determined if your needs can be met with our basic package deal. The documents will be prepared to meet your needs, address your specific issues, and comply with all legal requirements.

The industry standard cost for just one of these documents is $350.00. We are offering all three documents for $225.00.

Per person for all three documents: $225.00

  • Consultation: Included
  • Will: Included
  • Trust Will: Included
  • Living Will: Included
  • Power of Attorney: Included

Participants not requiring all three documents will be charged $75.00 per document.

Why do I need a Trust Will?

If you have children, a Trust Will appoints a guardian to take care of your minor children in the event you and your spouse are deceased. If your children are under 18 years old they do not have legal capacity to manage your estate. The Trust Will creates a trust that all of your assets will pour into and appoints a trustee to administer your estate finances. The Trustee is obligated to administer the trust for your children until they come of age. A Trust Will helps your friends and family decide how to care for your children in your absence. This instrument avoids custody battles among family members and helps to ensure you will provide for your children when you are gone.

I have no children, why do I need a Will?

You might be surprised to find out that your spouse might not inherit everything. If you pass without a Will you will be known as intestate. The intestacy laws in Pennsylvania provide that your spouse receive the first $30,000.00 plus 1/2 of the remaining estate in most cases and could receive as little as 1/2 of your estate. In some cases your home may be part of the shared estate, your spouse would not be able to sell the house or other property without the consent of the other heirs. This is just an example of how costly passing without a Will can be. Your family would have to file petitions to appoint administrators, hire attorneys and much more.

Why do I need a Living Will?

A living will is a statement of your wishes for the kind of life-sustaining medical intervention you want, or don't want, in the event that you become terminally ill or in a state of permanent unconsciousness. By making these difficult decisions now, you will be saving your family the heartache and stress of making them later.

Why do I need a Power of Attorney?

For health care and financial matters. If you become incapacitated by illness or accident, your loved ones may not be able to pay your bills and make health care decisions for you. These simple documents not only save money later, but they give you the security of knowing things will be taken care of in your absence.

Every responsible person needs to address these issues. These documents provide stability and security for you and your family.

You have the opportunity to benefit to save yourself money, but more importantly save your family from heart ache, time, and expenses. The Fenton Law Offices attorneys are also willing to work with individuals to address any legal needs you may have.

Please contact our attorneys for a free consultation.

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